LED Clear Motion: Everything You Need to Know Explained

LED Clear Motion Setting

LED Clear Motion Samsung TVs: This setting allows you to adjust the LED backlight to sharpen fast-moving pictures. There are two modes available, enabled and disabled

But you might be wondering what this parameter does, if I turn on the parameter, what happens. Now I will tell you how this setting works on your TV.

How LED Clear Motion works

As the name implies, this parameter is somehow related to the backlight. In fact, there are not many settings on the TV that are responsible for the picture quality. But the manufacturer needs to show as many different settings in the menu as possible, this shows that your TV is very technological. But very often this is not entirely true.

Let’s return to our parameter and briefly explain why a fast moving object is blurred.

The blur of a moving object arises from the very technology of LCD displays, the pixel cannot instantly turn off, it takes time. When watching a video that shows a fast-moving object. The image remains in the place where this object no longer exists. In modern TVs, this time is not very long, but this period of time is enough for some people to notice the motion blur.

As the manufacturers decided to deal with this, everything is very simple, you need to insert a black frame. It is not possible to insert a real black frame. Inserting a black frame is done by briefly switching off the backlight. The pixels continue to rotate, removing the image, and at this moment the backlight turns off for 2-3 milliseconds. The person does not see the afterimage and the picture appears to be clearer.

Samsung LED Clear Motion TVs are easy to explain

If the last paragraph seemed too long for you, here’s a quick explanation. The TV simply turns off the backlight for a few milliseconds, and the picture remaining during this time disappears. This makes the picture visually clearer.

Enable or Disable Recommendations

Turn it on or off, it depends on the class of your TV, namely the display. On good displays with fast pixel response times, this setting is almost unnecessary. But if you want to see how Clear Motion LED works, do the following. Include watching football fast-moving people or flying objects are very good for testing. Look at the picture quality with LED Clear Motion on or off. Choose the model that suits you.

Please note that when the LED Clear Motion is turned on, the brightness of the TV decreases by about 10%, this is due to the momentary switching off of the backlight. Remember, if you’ve selected LED Clear Motion On, you’ll need to tweak your TV’s brightness setting.

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