LG TV OLED Evo Display what is the explanation

LG TV OLED Evo Display

In 2021, LG introduced the new OLED Evo displays. The company claims this technology can improve user experience and image quality. In this article, we will introduce this technology and how it differs from previous OLED screens.

Why is LG TV’s new OLED Evo displays better than OLED?

The new EVO OLED screens are better because they have increased brightness if standard OLED screens have a typical brightness of 800 lumens. But the new EVO OLED screens will have 20% higher brightness, around 1000 lumens.

In general terms, there is nothing overwhelmingly difficult to make the display brighter. OLED displays are made from organic materials and their brightness depends on the voltage supplied to the OLED LEDs. However, the higher the voltage, the shorter the lifespan. So the challenge is to find a balance between voltage and brightness to maximize both brightness and lifespan.

LG has solved this problem by using OLED materials supplied by DuPont . The company tested them for about a year and eventually found them more promising. As a reminder, LG previously used OLED components supplied by Idemitsu Japan .


You may notice that on some smartphones or tablets. The most common display problem is the color change of the screen, the appearance of a red tint. This is due to the aging of the blue OLED material and the decrease in the brightness of the blue color, as the blue OLED elements have the shortest lifespan.

DuPont has solved this problem by using heavy hydrogen, deuterium, instead of conventional hydrogen. This helped the company lengthen the life of the blue OLED cells. And allowing higher voltages to be used. This, in turn, allowed LG to create the Evo’s OLED displays with increased brightness.

It can be noted that the expected lifespan of the Evo OLED displays has not changed. But the displays are brighter than previous generations.

LG TVs with OLED Evo Displays

LG showed off its G1 TVs with Evo displays at CES 2021. So it’s safe to say these TVs have OLED EVO displays. In addition, it can be assumed that LG will adjust its OLED TV lineup. So that some other TVs may receive new displays as well. There is no information on whether other companies like Sony will get such displays. But it is possible that other companies will also be interested. In such technology, especially if it turns out to be good.

Also, if all goes well with the new OLED Evo displays, LG will replace all OLED displays with OLED Evo in the near future (possibly as early as 2022).

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