Movie Mode: What is this in TVs? How does it work?

Movie Mode in TV

Let’s talk about adjusting the picture on a TV (Movie Mode). This picture quality setting in TVs has been around since the 80s of the last century, and imagine this for about 40 years.

Why Set up Movie Mode?

Although the manufacturers explain the operation of this setting as:

Movie Mode is a mode that maximizes the visual quality of an image to the quality intended when shooting a movie. This mode is used by most “professional” viewers as it provides a cinematic picture quality when watching movies (especially in low-light conditions). (Facebook)

But popularly explained, most viewers watch movies in a relaxed atmosphere, in the evening, with electric lights either turned off or using less powerful lighting sources. When watching a movie in standard settings, the brightness and contrast are increased. The viewer may experience discomfort from the bright glow of the screen. To prevent this from happening, a preliminary image quality setting was invented.

How It works

The principle of operation of this Mode is as follows. Adjustment of brightness, contrast is set less than usual. The level of color tones increases slightly. The hue is increased to create a softer image. The image should turn out in such a way that it does not irritate the eyes.

This is one of the options for image presets. Designed specifically for watching TV in certain conditions. It could also be termed as the nighttime TV viewing mode, but that name doesn’t really fit. The name Movie Mode sounds more beautiful.

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