Object Tracking Sound, Object Tracking Sound pro in Samsung TVs

For the first time, Object Tracking Sound (OTS) technology, abbreviated as OTS, was introduced in 2020 for the QLED series, the premium segment TVs. This technology works at the software level.

OTS is a surround sound technology in Samsung TVs that tracks the movement of objects on the screen and follows the movement by changing the sound. To put it simply, for example, a movie is shown on the TV screen in which there is a scene with a car, the car drives from right to left, and so you first hear the sound on the right, and as the car moves across the screen, the sound will move with the car.

Object Tracking Sound vs Object Tracking Sound + vs Object Tracking Sound pro

At first, two modifications of OTS and OTS + were announced. In 2021 a new version of OTS pro was released for premium NEO QLED TVs. Note that the technology modification depends on the class of the TV.

  1. Object Tracking Sound – used in TVs of a lower class, can be used in TVs with 2.1 format acoustics. We can say that this is a simplified version.
  2. Object Tracking Sound + is used in TVs in which the number of speakers can support 5.1 acoustics in TVs. This is acoustics format 4.2, 4.2.2. 4.1.2.
  3. And Object Tracking Sound pro – modification of 2021, will be applied in new premium TVs NEO QLED

How it Works

Hear the action in every scene with audio that tracks every movement on the screen. With dedicated speakers to raise and lower the sound, you can get the realistic 3D sound that draws you closer

The main goal of this technology is to improve the sound on the TV. The following scenarios are used for this. Yes, we note that such technology without + is used in TVs of a lower class with two speakers and a subwoofer.

Tracking every movement on the screen is marketing, of course. Imagine, it is necessary not only to track the movement on the screen. But it is also necessary to understand the moving object makes a sound or not. The TV does not have such computing capabilities. Everything works much easier if a video with 5.1 format sound is played on the TV.

these are Dolby or DTS codecs, the sound is additionally analyzed for channels such as front, side, and rear. Although the TV does not have so many speakers located in accordance with the requirements of the specification of these standards, according to a special algorithm, the sound on the existing speakers and subwoofer is adjusted, which makes the sound more voluminous.

If the TV shows video with sound in stereo format, then the algorithm is simplified. There are no additional channels for sound processing.

How OTS + Works

How sound track the object
Object Tracking Sound +

Object Tracking Sound + is used in TVs with a large number of speakers, such as the Q800T series TV. This TV supports 4.2.2 audio format, 6 speakers, and 2 subwoofers. The speakers are located not only at the bottom but also on the side and top of the TV.

The TV supports 5.1 and 7.1 sound. If a video is shown with 5.1 sound, then surround sound is created, sound channels are used for processing. If a video is received with sound in stereo format. Then according to the algorithm prescribed in the program, the speakers on the side and on top also work. This creates a more spacious sound.

How Object Tracking Sound pro works

Object Tracking Sound pro is a modification for 2021 TVs. Most likely it is the same OTS +, maybe a little modified. For marketing, you need to come up with something new every year. So the next generation of OTS pro appeared a year later.

Note: OTS only works on TVs larger than 49 inches. On small TVs, due to the proximity of the speakers, the surround sound effect is difficult to create and the use of OTS is ineffective. The larger your TV screen, the better OTS will work.

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