Peak mode on Samsung TVs. What is this on Samsung TV

Peak mode how it works

If you are interested in setting up Samsung TVs, the peak mode setting can be found in the secret menu under the Shop option. Now I will tell you why this setting is and what it does. But let’s start in order, what is the Shop Option menu?

Shop Option, what is it

Shop option – these are the TV settings that will be applied if the TV is used as an exhibition item in a store. In this case, you can set the store demo mode. This is a special mode found on any Samsung TV. But the purpose of this mode of operation is very simple, to show the buyer the TV from its best side. Now let’s go to peak mode

Peak mode how it works

Peak mode is a mode in which all settings affecting image quality are set with large parameters. Brightness, contrast, color are set at a higher level, almost maximum. If the TV setting, Peak Mode is on, then the following happens.

If the TV is switched to the mode, demonstration in the store, by the way, this can be done from the main menu. It is more convenient, any consultant in the store can do it. This is done to make it easier to adjust the picture quality in the store. All these parameters can be set manually, but it takes longer. After turning on the mode (in the store), the image displayed by the TV will have higher brightness, contrast and richer colors. The buyer who comes to the store to watch TV will be shown an improved image.

Note that this setting does not work if the TV is in home viewing mode. Therefore, this setting is found in the option menu for stores.

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