What is HDR Super: HDR Super and HDR Pro on LG TV

What is HDR Pro?

Back in 2016, LG (like other TV makers) announced that its devices would receive HDR support. First of all, you should understand that HDR Super / HDR Pro is just a marketing name given to support the HDR function. LG has such names, while Samsung calls this feature, for example, Quantum HDR .

What is HDR?

HDR or High-Dynamic-Range is a technology that requires not only a TV that supports it. But also images captured with that technology. In other words, HDR works like this. To fill in the brightest and darkest parts of an image with more detail, the image itself is shot multiple times at different exposure values. Then all of these images are combined in order to present as much detail as possible in the brightest and darkest parts of the image.

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What is LG HDR?

LG, like many other TV makers, is creating its own marketing name for the HDR feature. LG has named HDR support HDR Pro and HDR Super. There is no need to compare HDR to HDR Super or HDR Pro. As the former is the name of the technology, while the other two just trade names used by a particular company.

What is HDR Super?

I wouldn’t write much, so all you have to understand is that HDR SUPER is the trade name given to OLED or Nano Cell TVs. They fully support HDR video and can show 10-bit color depth. … There is nothing else behind these words, only HDR support.

What is HDR Pro?

HDR Pro is another commercial name given to HDR-enabled LG TVs. But these TVs have QNED screens.

HDR Super vs HDR Pro: What’s the Difference?

As I said before, LG introduced HDR support back in 2016, but the company uses two different names for the technology. HDR Super is used for OLED and NanoCell screens, and HDR Pro is used for QNED screens.

According to HDR standards, HDR video can only be fully supported by TVs with a color depth of 10 bits (or more).

In fact, because HDR is standardized. In order for the TV to use HDR, you need an image with different exposure values. But you have to understand that HDR SUPER and HDR Pro are one of the HDR technologies. LG has come up with its own name that assigns screen types to TVs.

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