What is IMAX Enhanced on TV for displaying videos

What is IMAX Enhanced on TV for displaying videos

IMAX Enhanced is a standard invented by the IMAX Corporation for displaying videos. The idea of ​​creating the IMAX format was to create large screens for cinemas with aspect ratios of 1.43: 1 and 1.90: 1. For this, special cameras were also developed for filming. Movie projectors are also installed in cinemas designed by IMAX.

The better IMAX

IMAX cinemas have special aspect ratios, in addition, they have invented their own film demonstration system for showing films. In short, the video is shown in the cinema by two projectors. If a 2D movie is being shown. The projectors are synchronized and one image is superimposed with another with a slight shift. This provides a higher quality and brighter, more enlightened image on the cinema screen. When displaying a 3D movie, one camera shows the picture for the left eye and the other for the right eye Special glasses. Which gives a filter image to the viewer. The left eye sees frames from one camera, and the right one from the other. Thus, visually, the viewer sees a three-dimensional image.

What is IMAX Enhanced?

IMAX Enhanced is a mark of conformity with the IMAX Corporation video certification requirements for home use only. And it is used to mark video devices. That support specially filmed content with IMAX cameras or processed using special Digital Media Remastering (DMR) software. The IMAX Enhanced image is 4K resolution.

Digital Media Remastering (DMR) what is it

Digital Media Remastering (DMR) is special software that converts video captured by ordinary cameras into IMAX format. When converting a movie into IMAX format, the image is processed at the subpixel level, digital artifacts, digital ghosting, and noise are removed. The conversion of a standard film to the IMAX standard takes about 3 weeks. For such a long time due to the aspect ratio change. The video needs to be transformed while maintaining the aspect ratio of the image details.

IMAX Enhanced on TVs

TVs and devices that support IMAX Enhanced must meet special requirements.

  1. Resolution – 4K
  2. color depth – 10 bits
  3. HDR10, HDR10 + support
  4. DTS X audio format support

To be shown on TV, the video must be properly processed. The TV has an aspect ratio of 16×9, you need to adapt the image to this format or teach the TV to work with video with an IMAX aspect ratio using the software. Otherwise, this is a standard display video with HDR support and DTS X sound. IMAX Enhanced is not the same video as IMAX for the cinema.

IMAX Enhanced video will work on any TV even without IMAX Enhanced support , as it is based on standard HDR video codecs.

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