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How to install acoustic panels on the ceiling

3 Stages of installing acoustic panels on the ceiling

if you're ready to take the plunge and attach acoustic panels to your ceiling, here's what we recommend. This is not a project for...
Acoustic panels improve the sound quality

How acoustic panels improve sound quality? How effective Are they

Acoustic panels improve the sound quality of your existing speakers by reducing the number of sound waves bouncing off walls. They can be extremely...
"acoustic transmission"

The best acoustic fabrics for acoustic panels

Guilford of Maine fabrics is the industry standard for acoustic panel fabric. But their high price is pushing some towards other options, such as...
Self Adhesive Acoustic Panels

Pros and cons of Acoustic Foam, When you need Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a bit more of a niche. People don't want to expose themselves outdoors when they are creating a space that should...
pros and cons acoustic panels

Pros and Cons of Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are what most people imagine when they talk about acoustic treatment. They are common in offices, busy restaurants, and even home theaters...
Types of acoustic panels

Types of acoustic panels, Which one to chose?

Before choosing acoustic panels, it is better to know different types of acoustic panels. This makes it easier for you to find the right...
Different scenarios for using acoustic panels

When to use and when not to use acoustic panels?

If you are driving a powerful multi-channel stereo system, trying to control too loud sound in a public restaurant or office, or producing high-quality...
Acoustic panels: what they are and how they work!

Acoustic panels: what they are and how they work?

Acoustic panels are surfaces made of profiled foam and/or fabric cover that improve sound quality by absorbing sound waves. And prevents this sounds a...