What is HDCAM video?

What is HDCAM video


A digital video format whose characteristics are based on the digital-Betacam format. With a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a screen width of 16:9, HDCAM delivers 185 Mbps in 24p mode. After pre-filtering (reducing the bandwidth to 23 MHz and the number of horizontal pixels to 1440 instead of 1920). Also, stores data in a compressed format to fit on 14-micron metal powder-coated tape. The HDCAM tape is capable of delivering Dolby E audio format and has a choice of 16 different languages ​​in mono mode. 8 different languages ​​in stereo mode, two languages ​​in 5.1 Dolby Digital mode, and two other languages ​​in Dolby Surround.

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What is HDCAM sr?

The HDCAM SR has been specifically designed for “very high-end” applications, including special effects, archiving, and film mastering. The HDCAM SR format was developed as an alternative to 35mm film production at the highest level.

What is XDCAM?

XDCAM HD is SONY‘s HD recording format for optical discs. XDCAM HD. Allows you to record high-definition material on an optical disc with MPEG HD (MPEG Long GOP) compression at bit rates up to 35 Mbps. Furthermore, The XDCAM HD format allows you to record metadata, proxy copies, and edit sheets. In addition to video, uncompressed 4-channel audio is recorded on the disc.

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