What is Pixel Plus HD?

Pixel Plus HD Technology

Pixel Plus HD Technology

Pixel Plus HD is a proprietary HD image processing technology that enhances detail, clarity, and color reproduction. Image processing technology that makes images vivid, natural, and realistic. This guarantees the ultimate in clarity, incredible detail, and depth from any HD source.

This technology is based on the use of a special set of advanced hardware and software solutions.

Pixel Precise HD

The logical next step of the Pixel Plus HD technology is the development of its more advanced variant, Pixel Precise HD. This uses a number of unique image enhancement features.

  1. HD Natural Motion: Compensation for the effect of image jitter when demonstrating video content shot at 24 frames/sec;
  2. Dynamic Sharpness: Improves the clarity of the transmission of image elements due to their more thorough study by a powerful processor;
  3. Clean Picture – Effective noise reduction and elimination of image defects, compressed in MPEG format.
  4. 100 Hz LCD – Eliminates the effect of blurring the contours of moving objects by increasing the frame rate programmatically.

Perfect Pixel HD

A special processor that processes each pixel to closely match its neighboring pixels, resulting in a more natural picture. The resulting image combines clarity, natural detail, rich colors, vivid contrast, and smooth motion. Clarity and ultimate clarity are achieved by detecting and eliminating. Even the slightest noise and distortion when watching video from any source – from multimedia media to conventional television.

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