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How to Upgrade GTMedia V8 NOVA Blue Firmware, Freesat V8 Super Backup Softcam.key, Upgrade Softcam.key


How to Upgrade GTMedia V8 NOVA Blue Firmware from USB 

Upgrade GTMedia V8 NOVA
Note: Make Dump File Before Update to Save your Channel & Setting
Download Software and Copy To USB
Press menu go on Tools & Select USB Upgrade


In Upgrade Mode Select All Code Select Software from USB Press Ok on Start


Are you sure want to burn flash select yes & press ok


USB Upgrade Start Now


Upgrade success & STB will restart


How to Backup Blue Softcam.key

Step 1

Enter Main Menu/Tools/Conditional Access and Press Ok


Step 2

Go On CA Information press 6666 To Enable Hidden Key then press ok on CA Information


Step 3

Go on Key Edit & press OK


Step 4

Press Green Key to Export the softcam to USB Save Filename with softcam.key in USB


How to Update Update Softcam key

Repeat All 4 steps mentioned above in Softcam. key backup 
In Step 4 Press import 

Download Latest Software GtMedia V8 NOVA Blue

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