Openbox as4k CI Review

Openbox as4k CI Complete Review

Openbox as4k CI Complete Review

Model Description:

Openbox AS4K CI is located in a metal case 220mm wide. The console will look great both next to the TV, and can easily hide behind it.

Seven-segment digital indicator has a pleasant white glow, its brightness can be changed through the console menu. It is also worth noting that there is a setting for the information it displays when the console is turned on: the channel number or the current time.

On the right, there is a two-color LED indicator of the standby mode and receiving commands from the console. The front panel of the Openbox AS4K CI has a small lid on the right side, hiding the third USB port. What a pleasant surprise! Interestingly, the power button was hidden on the right side of the front panel and not in the front.
The back panel of the Openbox AS4K CI repeats exactly the Openbox AS2, and the top cover is tightly studded with air vents.

    Technical Specifications 

    1. The operating system Android 7.0 Nougat

    2. Modern and powerful processor Hisilicon Hi3798Mv200 from Huawei

    3. Satellite TV reception interface repeats Openbox® set-top boxes of the SX, AS1, AS2 series

    4. Yield HDMI 2.0 with a resolution of up to 3840x2160p ( 4K Ultra HD ) 60fps

    5. Compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10bit and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)

    6. New H.265 video compression format ( HEVC )

    7. The amount of internal RAM 2Gb ( AS4K CI Pro )

    8. Optimized software for comfortable work with RAM capacity of 1GB of DDR4

    9. The ability to simultaneously record three channels, as well as the whole TS transponder

    10. Unsurpassed image quality and good DVB-S / S2 signal sensitivity

    11. Built-in Wi-Fi module (external for AS4K CI model )

    12. Slot MicroSD memory card

    13. Over a million Google Play Market apps

    14. Connecting Bluetooth keyboards, mice and headphones (with an external adapter)

    15. Work with Excel documents, Word, email, Skype and more

    16. Thousands of different games with support for game controllers (FlyMouse, GamePad )

    17. Fast and stable operation of the Kodi Entertainment Center ( XBMC )

    18. Unlimited VoD and OTT services

    19. Full reception of DVB-T / T2 TV broadcasts (adapter required)

    20. Learning Remote ( AS4K CI only )

    OutPut Slot

    1. An external receiver Connecting IR signals remote IR Receiver 

    2. CI Slot – a slot for installation of modules CAM 

    3. Smart Card Slot – slot MMAP card 

    4. Card Slot built MicroSD card 

    5. signal input from the antenna LNB In 

    6. Analog outputs video and audio type A / V OUT 

    7. SPDI / F optical digital audio output 

    8. Of course HDMI 2.0 digital output 

    9. Ethernet network port combined with USB 2.0 port 

    10. USB 3.0 high-speed port marked with a blue inset 

    11. 12V 2A Power Connector

    Openbox AS4K CI Remote integration  with  TV Remote

    To make friends with the remote from the Openbox AS4K CI with a TV, you need to do the following:

    1. Press and hold the TV button of the Openbox AS4K CI console while the red light stops flashing (about 5 seconds) 
    2. A constant light of the lamp indicates that the console is in the learning mode 
    3. Press the button you want to program (TV or SOURCE) 
    4. The red lamp starts flashing slowly (the remote is ready to receive commands for training) 
    5. Direct the TV remote control to the Openbox AS4K CI remote control and press the corresponding button (POWER or SOURCE) 
    6. Three fast flashes indicate successful learning of the button

    Openbox as4k ci Menu

    The main menu consists of several sections. IPTV – for applications of the corresponding services, Programs – all installed Android OS programs, Manager – prefix management utilities.
    In the “Setup” section of the main menu, you can scan channels from the satellite and set other parameters. Pressing the OK button on the remote brings up a classic and well-known list of available channels. The built-in 4K (UHD) group appeared in the list of favorite groups, channels of the corresponding quality are automatically added to it.

    Talk about the store applications and other content just does not make sense, there is almost everything. Android apps themselves (APK) can be installed in the same way from a USB drive (flash drive) or a hard disk.

    KODI Multimedia Center is a program with a great interface and features that make it easy to watch movies, photos and listen to music, as well as using various add-ons, access IPTV, OTT, VoD and other services.

    KODI has installed as well as the usual Android application, you first need to download the APK

    There are various Internet TV and Video services available in different countries. To use any of them on the Openbox AS4K CI, you just need to install the appropriate Android OS application. However, most services for premium viewing will require paid transactions from your bank account or from another place, I don’t know where you have a stash there

    Openbox as4k CI Applications:

      Internet TV ( OTT ) and Video on Demand ( VoD ) are available in different countries. To use any of them on Openbox® AS4K and AS4K CI, you just need to install the appropriate Android OS application.

    1. ( 
    2. (Play Market) 
    3. Divan.TV ( 
    4. IVI (Play Market) 
    5. Ukr TB ( 
    6. HBO GO (Play Market) 
    7. Picture TV ( 
    8. Vimeo ( 
    9. TV1000Play (Play Market) 
    10. Google Play Movies & TV (Play Market) 
    11. Peers.TV (Play Market) 
    12. ViNTERA.TV (Play Market ) 
    13. HD VideoBox ( 
    14. EX-FS ( 
    15. Vodafone TV (Play Market) 
    16. TRINITY TV (Play Market) 
    17. Faino TV (Play Market) 
    18. Crackle (Play Market) 
    19. YouTV ( Play Market) 
    20. Our Cinema – Movies (Play Market) 
    21. Our Cartoons (Play Market)
    22. Movie Search (Play Market) 
    23. IMDb Movies & TV (Play Market) 
    24. Wi TV (Play Market) 
    25. Amazon Prime Video (Play Market) 
    26. TVSavr – Movies and TV Shows (Play Market) 
    27. Okko HD Movies (Play Market) 
    28. Amediatek (Play Market) 
    29. You Tube ( 
    30. Netflix ( 
    31. Hulu (Play Market)


    is the world’s largest video service for a Russian-speaking audience, widely represented in 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. The monthly audience of the service is 40 million unique users in the CIS countries. Catalog of the resource – more than 77,000 units of video, of which more than 5,000 units of movies and TV series, more than 1,500 cartoons, about 45,000 television shows.


    erases boundaries and removes restrictions: television, movies, music and online broadcasting are available in  200 countries of the world.


     is an American entertainment company, a provider of movies and TV shows based on streaming media. Since 2013, Netflix has been producing its own films, series and TV shows. In 2016, the company released 126 original TV shows and movies – more than any other network or cable channel. As of April 2017, the company has over 98 million customers worldwide.

    In addition to direct viewing, you can find information about the actors who participated in the filming, read reviews from other viewers. There is a function to automatically start playback of the next series, marks of watched movies and favorite groups.

    Openbox AS4K CI as a 3D game console

    Among other things, Openbox® AS4K and AS4K CI are also great 3D game consoles. For the Android OS, there is a huge variety of games, and with the powerful Hisilicon Hi3798Mv200 processor, they look great on a TV screen.

        IR Remote Controls, bundled with the Openbox® AS4K and AS4K CI, are suitable only for some simple games. But for dynamic and sports games, it is better to purchase an additional device like the FlyMouse (Aeromysh) or GamePad (Joystick).


    Game controllers have a huge variety on the market and it’s not possible to implement support for all of them. The first compatible device is the Logitech F710 wireless gamepad, and in the future, the list of supported hardware will be expanded.
     For arcade games like Angry Birds (Evil Birds) and similar, a game controller like FlyMouse (Aeromysh) is more suitable. In the extreme case, it can be a simple USB mouse for the computer.
     In the Google Play app store tens of thousands of different games, among which everyone will find something to their liking.

     Openbox as4k CI Hardware Support

    The Android operating system has support for various hardware, but many devices come with a program optimized for working with the touch interface (tablet, smartphone). Thus, their use of TV causes difficulties.

        Openbox AS4K and AS4K CI are among the few devices that support USB DVB-T2 adapters at the level of the console software itself.

     The Openbox USB DVB-T2 adapter is purchased separately and does not require any software to work with Openbox® AS4K, A5, A5 Mini, AS1, AS2 

       It is enough to connect the adapter to the console and give a signal from the radio antenna
    Now, when you turn on the console, a new item appeared
     The DVB-T / T2 section appeared in the main channel list – digital terrestrial TV channels.
    As a result, we are able to receive the on-air DVB-T / T2 signal with the familiar and convenient interface of the console

    Openbox as4k CI IPTV

     How to make watching IPTV as simple and convenient as possible?
     integrate IPTV channels in the main list of the console. This is exactly what was done in Openbox AS4K; moreover, it is possible to record and time-shift mode.
     The highlight of the console is the built-in MyTVOnline application for viewing IPTV.
     Incredibly simple and at the same time informative interface with which you switch “to you” after a couple of minutes of communication.
     Convenient TV Guide will show a program of future programs, as well as allows you to travel into the past. It means that you can literally watch any missed program on any channel first!
     Past transfers that are recorded on the server are marked in dark brown color and have a “clock” icon. Simply select the item of interest and press “OK” on the remote control – playback will begin.

        Who does not like the TV Guide with a stack mode – can use the guide on the selected channel. To call it, in the list of channels you need to press the RIGHT button. Here the current program is marked with a green “LIVE” icon, and all previous ones, if they are recorded on the operator’s server, have a red icon.
       When playing a recording (past transfer), it is possible to rewind with the LEFT / RIGHT buttons 
    The red button can call up the playback settings menu.
     The presence of this function, as well as the recording depth of programs,  depends on the settings of your IPTV provider.

    Openbox as4k CI FreeTV Pro Application.

     Another “proprietary” application is FreeTV Pro. It serves to watch IPTV channels, the subscription to which is an M3U or M3U8 file.
    You must first subscribe to the provider and copy the resulting M3U file ( M3U8 ) to a USB flash drive.
    Run the application and select “add a server from USB”.

    Openbox as4k CI AC3 Sound

    It is necessary to put codecs for AC3 sound. Go to the menu – plugins – the blue download button, the receiver will offer you to install addon linker – download and install.

    Of course, we launch and instead of the address, enter the word default or After downloading the add-on menu, select the “addon download” tab and tick the and and click the red download button.

    Done, reboot the receiver and enjoy the AC3 sound!


    The new 4K satellite receiver turned out to be quite stable, the system launcher is much more stable. I think that due to even deeper integration into the core of Android.
    Its advantages in performance when processing and decoding 4k / HEVC stream with 10-bit color and omnivorous player. Everything is good and the price does not bite much!
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