OPENBOX S3 mini II Review

OPENBOX S3 Mini II Complete Overview

OPENBOX S3 mini II Review

Description OPENBOX S3 Mini II

 Modern electronics is developing very fast, new standards and technologies are replacing, as a result, the product becomes better, faster and more functional.
    The processor can be considered the basis of any set-top box, it sets the limits of possibilities, but a lot of other ingredients and a talented chef are needed to prepare a really tasty dish!
The Openbox S3 Mini II is the second generation (updated version) of the S3 Mini HD, which has received recognition and widespread popularity among satellite TV users.

The Openbox S3 Mini II features

A new “engine” in the form of an ALI 3521 processor. This increased not only the speed of the console but also gave a number of important advantages.
  1. Two powerful processor cores ( MIPS over 2000 DMIPS and RISC 32-bit architecture) with frequencies up to 1 GHz

  2. Video decoding in HEVC format (main profile @level 4.1, main 10 profile @level 4.1)

  3. Reception of a signal of professional broadcasting Multiple Stream, T2MI, PLS Gold, PLS Root

The remaining functionality is similar to the first generation console:
  1. Compatible with DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG2 / MPEG4, HDTV broadcast standards

  2. Resize menus and fonts depending on the mode (480p / 576p, 720p, 720p / 1080i, 1080i, 1080p)

  3. Supports USB-WiFi adapters (for example, Openbox® Air ) and 3G Modems

  4. Built-in 100Mbit Ethernet network port

  5. Web TV – a handy player for IPTV content

  6. Having two USB 2.0 host ports for different devices

  7. Ability to use multiple drives (separately Record, Time-Shift, Music)

  8. Compatible with FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS file systems

  9. Reproduction of films in AVI, MKV with high bitrate

  10. View JPEG photos and MP3 music player

  11. Built-in file manager

  12. Dual display mode – simultaneous display of different quality images on HDMI (1080) and analog output (576i)

  13. RF Output Modulator and SPDI / F Optical Audio Output

  14. Included are a quality bracket and an external IR receiver for mounting the rear of the TV

  15. Full-color graphical user menu (interface)

  16. A fast and convenient software update, transfer settings via USB drive (without a computer)

  17. 12V power – the ability to work from the car in nature

  18. Maximum ease and convenience of work

  19. Full and high-quality localization for the CIS market


The same stylish case, divided into glossy and matte elements, has quite modest dimensions.
  1. On the front panel, there is a minimum of controls, a pleasant green glow of the mode indicator and channel number for the eyes.

  2. On the left side is the RS-232 connector, input for connecting an external IR receiver and a second USB 2.0 port.

  3. The presence of two USB ports allows you to simultaneously connect a Wi-Fi adapter and a drive (flash drive or disk).

  4. The right side has only one slot for smart cards. It is worth noting the presence of large air vents on both sides.

  5. Behind enough, all the main connectors are located. Unlike the first generation set-top box, there is no loop output of the satellite signal. In fact, this output was a relic of the past and is not used in home appliances.

The Openbox S3 Mini II box contains the following:

  1. HDMI cable with plugs

  2. External IR Receiver with 3M adhesive tape

  3. Cable for analog connection RCA (“Tulips”)

  4. Bracket with screw M6

  5. Instruction

  6. The box itself Openbox® S3 Mini II

  7. Remote control

  8. Batteries AAA (* optional)

  9. Power Supply

 A lot of modern equipment has external power supplies and sometimes there are failures due to connecting the wrong adapter. To prevent this, parameters are plotted next to the power connector and the polarity is schematically indicated.
    For analog connections such as mini Jack = RCA (“tulip”), use a special cable that comes in the kit.
Its configuration is absolutely similar to other consoles of the Openbox S3 series.
The factory package also contains a high-quality HDMI cable with special plugs to protect the contacts.
The proprietary function “Dual Display” allows you to simultaneously display an image on different outputs with different resolutions. Thus, to one receiver you can easily connect multiple TVs located in different rooms.
The used power supply unit can be called quite standard and is allowed to be replaced by a similar one.
 The prefix is ​​not equipped with an RS-232 cable, if necessary it can be ordered through the service or manufactured by yourself.

To install the back of the TV has a special bracket.

The bracket itself is attached to the TV with a screw, although it is allowed to install on the wall through the dowel.
The underside of the Openbox S3 Mini II has special tabs that fit over the bracket.
Thus, the console can be securely fixed behind the TV or on any vertical surface, and if necessary – easily and quickly removed
So that the Openbox S3 Mini II does not lose sight of the control panel, an external IR-application is provided.
 It can be put on a TV stand or secured at the top with 3M adhesive tape.
    Thus, all the wires and communications are hidden behind the TV itself, and a subtle receiver serves to receive the IR commands.


 Currently, many manufacturers save installing previously used components that do not comply with production technology. As a result, inevitably speedy appeal to the service center (if the supplier has one). 
    By purchasing Openbox you can be sure that you get a device of excellent quality that will delight you with stable work for many years.
 Separate power supply with filtering noise, high-quality components of the required rating from well-known manufacturers, sufficient conditions for natural cooling are the principles by which all Openbox products are created, and Openbox S3 Mini II is no exception.

Remote Control

OPENBOX S3 mini II Review
The remote control is a very important part of the human interface and the console. At the request of users of Openbox products, it was decided to leave the successful console unchanged in the S3 Mini II model.
 In the center are the most frequently used buttons, there is a difference in shape, a sufficient distance between the buttons, even for thumbs. It should be noted separate buttons for the convenience of the user:
  1. USB – quick access to drive contents

  2. SIGNAL – check the signal level

  3. SLEEP – sleep timer

The console command system is identical to the S1 and S2 HD models.
 This is an ergonomic form, thanks to which the remote control is comfortable in the hand and perfectly thought out button layout.

Openbox S3 Mini II Functionality

Openbox S3 Mini II is a real polyglot and can communicate with its owner in 11 languages.
The internal menu repeats the predecessors but has an adaptation to HDTV resolutions.
In the main menu, there is a modulator setting item.
Setting up satellites, LNB and DiSEqC are implemented as simply and conveniently as possible.
In manual search mode, you can pre-select the desired transponders and search only by them.
Controlling the turntable should also not cause any difficulties
Brand level indicator with three scales has a full-screen mode.
  In the presence of a built-in transponder editor. There is also a very convenient channel editor.
Thanks to HDTV resolution, it became possible to display more channels in the list of available services.
 This also applies to the built-in TV Guide.
The dashboard is quite informative and has a split into two parts. Here, in addition to the TV Guide data, the complete scale of the current program is displayed.
The time scale, with maximum simplification, retained the necessary information to understand the operation of the playback modes and Time-Shift 
  Available rewind with speed up to 24x in both directions!
There is a separation of drives for recording and Time-Shift buffer. Before use, you must install the disk in the menu. You can also format the disk in NTFS or FAT.
As a result of the operation, the symbols ” R ” and ” T ” will appear, meaning ” Recording ” and ” Time-Shift “, respectively.


The Openbox S3 Mini II does not have built-in support for Wi-Fi wireless networks, but this is very easily implemented by connecting the USB-WiFi adapter to a free USB port (for example, on the left). 
    This solution has several advantages: the buyer does not pay for the built-in Wi-Fi module if he does not need it, as a rule, the external adapter has better sensitivity due to the external antenna.
 The recommended adapter is Openbox Air, but some other third-party models can be used.
After connecting the adapter, open the corresponding section of the menu.
Turn on the option “Wi-Fi mode”
 In the list of found networks, select the one to which you want to connect and enter the password.

Openbox S3 Mini II  IPTV set-top box

Openbox S3 Mini II can rightly be called a hybrid console, it can receive signals not only from the satellite but also from the Internet. In other words, these are two devices in one case and the second one is an excellent IPTV set-top box.
 First, you need to get a subscription to IPTV from the provider and the settings as a * .M3U file. 
Install it from the USB flash drive through the INSTALLATION >> TRANSFER SETTINGS section >> UPDATE CHANNELS WITH USB
You can play * .M3U files from a USB storage device without copying to the built-in memory, to do this, just call the menu by pressing the USB button, select the file and click OK 
The list of IPTV programs is called up using the “TV / R” button (TV Channels => Radio => Web TV).

Differences between the Openbox® S3 Mini II and the first-generation set-top box

 Now let’s touch on the fundamental differences between the Openbox® S3 Mini II and the first-generation set-top box: the ability to receive the Multiple Stream and T2MI professional broadcast signals. 
    In this format, for example, 32 national TV channels of Ukraine are broadcast.
    They “climb” to the Astra 4A satellite (4.8 ° E), and they are received by the regional transmitting centers, for further ground broadcast in DVB-T2.
 The Openbox S3 Mini II easily scans and plays all channels in this format. So if your TV does not have DVB-T2 support or for some reason reception of on-air digital TV is difficult, then you can watch these channels from the satellite.
 The second important advantage is the ability to decode video in HEVC format. This is a new, more efficient video compression algorithm (compared to H.264 ). It allows you to get a high-quality image with a smaller stream of transmitted data.
 A smaller stream of transmitted data for satellite TV operators means lower broadcasting costs, respectively, the new broadcast format will be implemented more and more.
The Openbox S3 Mini II is the second generation of a successful device for satellite TV and IPTV

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