What is IPTV? How to Play IPTV

All About IPTV

What is IPTV?

IPTV is a utility that allows access to TV channels with the internet.

This procedure gives direct access to television on a computer or smartphone.
It sees itself as the source of programs having streams of video data encoded as IP packets.
Faced with the times spent on the internet, broadcasters had to adapt because people are not very interested in television in the era of the internet. The development of this topic has thus marked the appearance of legal applications allowing access to all channels directly via mobile.
IPTV is currently in continuous progression, especially with the new creations of broadband operators that provide various services, such as internet + telephone + TV.
IPTV brings together the different methods of communication, namely: live television, video on demand, games on demand, etc.

Advantage of IPTV

Since its creation, IPTV has had multiple advantages. Indeed, it ensures better management of the resources and makes it possible to extend the uses of television through:

The switched IP:

Thanks to this system, the consumer chooses the flow to display, the one that is installed at his supplier. He can only consult what he asked for. On the other hand, in the broadcast of radio-television, the consumer receives all the channels at once and he chooses the one he wants to display.

Development of interactivity:

The technology currently presents various services. In this sense, the communication between the consumer and the broadcaster is twofold. The consumer can make a choice of the channel via his order that he receives from the suppliers. In this way, the consumer arrives, thanks to his screen, to buy articles, to answer polls, etc.

Better compression:

Some operators are able to offer a sharper image quality and performance that reaches 1080p. This is due to the use of certain computer codes, such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and VC-1.

Creating Connections:

Technological advances and digital experiences have the power to connect people, businesses, and government institutions. Achieving this goal creates a shared experience that can later become a lasting bond.

Why uses an Android box?

The Android box has already been present on the French market for a while now. 
Like a mini-computer that you can connect to your television, these boxes will give you access to a brand new content (Applications, video games, your TV channel subscriptions altogether in one place)
All these IPTV boxes do not offer you the same experience and we strive to chew you the job to find the box that best suits your needs. If you want to skip the steps and go directly to the purchase we recommend the Xiaomi mi box 3

Internet connection for IPTV

You will need a high-performance internet connection to use your IPTV subscription without a freeze. It is important to choose an ISP that allows you to take full advantage of your IPTV subscription, depending on the offer that best suits your geographical area.

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