Astra 19.2°E Channel List Update

Astra 19.2° East Satellite New Channel list Frequency TP Updated, Transponder Deutsche sender Astra 19.2 Position, Astra 19.2E Satellite Frequency LNB KU band Channel List 19.2°E,

Astra 19.2°E Channel List

Astra 19.2°E Satellite Channel List Frequency TP Update (LNB Type KU Band)

Satellite Astra 19.2°E Channel List Frequency, Polarity, Symbol Rate, FEC Update

Astra 19.2E KU Band LNB Frequency (Astra 19.2°E Channel List)

Astra 19.2E KU Band LNB Universal Frequency 09750 Dish Size 2 Feet to 8 Feet


Channel List Frequency =10729, Polarity=V, SR= 22000, FEC=2/3

  1. Movistar+
  2. AXN España HD
  3. M. Comedia HD
  4. TVE La 1 Madrid HD
  5. LaLiga TV Bar HD
  6. DAZN 1 HD
  7. DAZN 2 HD
  8. Alquiler HD
  9. M. LaLiga 1 HD
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