New Nilesat Frequencies 2023: Satellite Channel Update

New Nilesat Frequencies 2021
New Nilesat Frequencies 2021

Nilesat 201 with Eutelsat 7 West A Channel List with Frequency, Polarity, Symbol Rate, FEC Updates

Nilesat LNB Frequency

Nilesat LNB Frequency KU Band Universal 09750


Satellite Channel List with Frequency 10727 LNB Type KU Band, Polarity H, Symbol Rate 27500 FEC 7/8

Channel NameFrequencyPolaritySymbol RateFEC
Al Magharibia10727H275007/8
Waar TV10727H275007/8
Awraas TV10727H275007/8
Al-Masar Al-Oula Satellite Channel10727H275007/8
Libya Al Naga TV10727H275007/8
Al-Komail HD10727H275007/8
Misr TV10727H275007/8
Dohat Alquran TV10727H275007/8
Saout Alaqila10727H275007/8
Palestine TV10727H275007/8
Shahedna TV10727H275007/8
Massaya TV10727H275007/8
Dawacom TV10727H275007/8
Kunuz Altabia TV10727H275007/8
Al Masa10727H275007/8
Kunouz TV10727H275007/8
Rawhanyat TV10727H275007/8
Al Rafidain TV10727H275007/8
The Kingdom Sat10727H275007/8
Zarok TV10727H275007/8
Waqie TV10727H275007/8
Al Awhad TV10727H275007/8
Alkafeel Radio10727H275007/8
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