What is Audyssey MultEQ?

What is Audyssey MultEQ

Audyssey MultEQ

Audyssey MultEQ is a technology that allows you to adjust the parameters of your home A/V system for a specific room without human intervention. The receiver sequentially sends signals to each speaker. Then, analyzing the signal taken from the microphone adjusts the system parameters the distance to the speakers, and the necessary delays.

MultEQ uses time-domain acoustic measurements taken by a microphone in the listening area. It combines this information to evaluate acoustic problems that cause audio distortion in the frequency response.

Also, it is the standard resolution room correction solution that utilizes mid-level resolution filters for satellites and subwoofers. Audyssey is, therefore, purely for acoustical correction.

Key Features

  1. The new software includes the ability to adjust the subwoofer level in slow motion
  2. An advanced frequency response designer with a new “cutoff mode”
  3. Full control over the frequency response of each channel and preset
  4. All users will be able to manually reconfigure any parameter and view individual channel curves with improved resolution.


What is Audyssey MultEQ XT?

This acoustic correction technology calibrates a Denon A/V Receiver to deliver optimum performance for every listener in a large listening area.

What is Audyssey MultEQ Xt32?

This room correction variant offers sound correction for multiple seating positions in up to six different places. In addition, the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 allows a receiver to create independent equalization for two subwoofers to provide smooth bass response over a large portion of a living room.

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