What is USALS

What is USALS


Universal Satellites Automatic Location System, USALS, also known ( unofficially ) as DiSEqC 1 . 3. Go X, or Go to XX, is a satellite dish positioner protocol. It automatically generates a list of available positions satellites in a satellite system with a positioner.

The DiSEqC 1.2 protocol is a special protocol. It allows you to control a motorized gimbal (motorized gimbal, positioner) on which a satellite dish is installed.

The system is used in combination with the DiSEqC 1 protocol. The USALS system was developed by STAB, an Italian positioner manufacturer that still manufactures the majority of USALS compatible positioners.

What is the use of This Technology?

USALS technology will allow you to find a satellite without a long signal search by manually scanning the positioner directly through the DiSEqC receiver, followed by memorizing the position in its controller according to the maximum signal level from a known satellite (you also need to determine the transponder.

With this technology, satellite positions no longer need to be stored in the positioner’s memory Each satellite. The list of the receiver with USALS support has the value of the orbital position. Even if the necessary satellite is not found in the list of the receiver. It is enough to enter the name of the satellite you are looking for, its orbital position, and the transponder you need. The adjustment is made automatically to the desired position.

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