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Dreambox one 4k front Panel

Dreambox one 4k Review


Dreambox one 4k Description

The novelty from Dreambox one 4k offers a futuristic design that stands out even among a dozen modern hybrid receivers. Three versions of the device are announced: Twin DVB-S2X Multistream dual tuner, DVB-S2X Combo, and DVB-C / T2, IP Only (will be sold under the name Dreambox Play). Inside installed a powerful technical stuffing with 2 GB of RAM + 8 GB flash and an eight-core processor, which guarantees stability in operation and fast channel switching. Add HDMI 2.0, optical S / PDIF, a gigabit network, built-in Wi-Fi, and a new Bluetooth remote control with a microphone for control through Amazon Alexa voice assistant.
The satellite receiver Dreambox One is equipped with a Dual-boot function and works under the control of not only the Enigma2 operating system but also on Android 7.1. Excellent image and sound quality, “time-shift” function + “smart recording”, branded EPG, and more. For the first time in Dreambox devices, you can use streaming software like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Thanks to Android, you can access thousands of applications and games, and you can control the device through a smartphone.
The Dreambox One has the convenience and flexibility of UltraHD 4k reception with excellent image and sound quality, features such as “time shift”, “graphics in the picture”, “smart recording”, original EPG. Dreambox One is stable in operation, fast channel switching, a gigabit port for connecting to the Internet or a home network, the ability to control the device via a smartphone. Thanks to Android, it is possible to get access to thousands of applications and games, use rich in functionality, and exclusive in terms of capabilities of well-known developer applications. The device is equipped with a Twin Sat tuner. Dreambox One comes with a new Dreambox remote control that supports Alexa voice control.
The new Dreambox One 4K UHD from Dream-Multimedia is a cutting-edge satellite receiver with two built-in tuners, optionally with Combo DVB-S2X and DVB-C / T2 or Twin-Sat. The sleek premium device is one of the first dual-boot boxes on the market. This not only allows users to enjoy the fast Linux Enigma2 operating system but also has full access to apps from the Google Play Store, thanks to Android 7.1. The noble satellite receiver thus offers maximum flexibility and comfort and scores in addition to its large number of available interfaces and connections. The gigabit LAN interface ensures that even blockbusters and series from Netflix or DAZ can be played smoothly and in the highest quality.

Dreambox one 4k Highlights

The hybrid Dreambox 4K with Multistream Tuner convinces with its futuristic design, excellent compatibility characteristics and fast switching times. The powerful Octa-Core 64-bit processor provides sufficient power and the integrated Internet and home network function for stable streaming and perfect picture and sound reproduction. The smart device offers a resolution of 2160p and also its own media player for playing movies is on board. Of course, the box can be conveniently controlled via the smartphone and includes features such as a time-shifted playback (Timeshift) as well as a function for TV recordings and a cut function. A special highlight is a remote control with integrated Bluetooth and voice control. Jumpers on the back can also be completely deactivated if necessary.

Dreambox one 4k Technical details

The Dreambox 4K is not only technical but also visually innovative. Thus, the box has a special cooling area on the top of the housing, which ensures that the satellite receiver does not overheat even under heavy use. Thanks to Android 7.1, different VoD services can be accessed, with the built-in smart card reader ensuring the reproduction of encrypted content. To ensure that no unnecessary delays occur during playback, the processor is supported by 2GB RAM and a 4GB flash memory. Gigabit Ethernet and WLAN are once again available for Internet streaming. Thanks to this first-class technical equipment, the Dreambox 4K ensures unforgettable TV enjoyment with outstanding picture quality as well as excellent depth and sharpness in Full HD.
    1. Tuner options: DVB-S2X Twin Sat SiLabs Tuner
    1. SoC: Amlogic S922X
    2. The 6-core processor (4x A73 and 2x A53)
    3. 53.000 DMIPS
    4. MALI-G52 GPU
    5. 2 GB DDR4 RAM
    6. 16 GB Flash (internal memory)
    7. 2,4G/5G MIMO WLAN
    8. 1 X USB 3.0
    9. 1 x USB 2.0
    10. S/PDIF
    11. DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS, Unicable
    12. Dreambox OS
    13. Dreambox API
    14. Infrared/Bluetooth remote control
    15. Automatic and manual channel search
    16. Teletext
    17. EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
    18. HbbTV
    19. IPTV support
    20. gaming function
    21. expandable with free plugins
    22. Dimensions: 173 x 96 x 35 (W x D x H) 

Dreambox One 4K UHD 2160p H.265 E2 Linux Android Dual Wifi 2xDVB-S2X MIS Sat Receiver

The Receiver manufacturer from Luenen, Dream Property, created with the Dreambox One an unusually high-performance box. With 53.360 DMIPS the Dreambox One is the fastest box on the Receiver market. By the two firmly obstructed Tuner, WLAN and Bluetooth the box is suitable for practically every application. 

High-end equipment, picture quality & background noise

The built-in SoC (System on Chip) Amlogic S922X is equipped with a 6-core processor, a Mali-G52 graphics processor, and 2 GB DDR4 RAM. With this equipment, the playback of 4K/ UHD content is a matter of course. In addition, the playback of HDR and HLG content, which provide improved color nuances and raise the image quality to a new level. Despite the concentrated performance, a sophisticated passive cooling system is used in the box. This means your TV experience isn’t disturbed by noise from additional fans. 

Network connectivity, USB & memory

For example, to be able to offer the streaming server wirelessly with a stable connection in the network, a MIMO-capable dual-band WiFi (2.4 / 5.0 GHz) is integrated into the system; a Gigabit network connection is available for wired integration into the home network. USB devices can be connected using the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standards. In addition, the memory can easily be expanded with the built-in SD card reader. 

Streaming server

The Dreambox One Ultra HD can be used as a streaming server for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as for computers or clients such as Android sticks or other Enigma2 devices.
A suitable network environment allows reception while traveling or on the move. 

Smart control via tablet or smartphone

With many apps, the box is completely controllable via tablet and smartphone. 

Entertainment control center

The Dreambox One Ultra HD can provide a media center for the whole house recordings, videos, music, or pictures. Supported protocols are DLNA and UPnP. 

Individuality & Plugins:

The Receiver can be adapted with Plugins to your needs, additional functions such as Better apps, medium administration, different user surfaces (Skins) and a giant selection at Plugins for nearly every situation are to you at the disposal.

 Dreambox one 4k Hardware

    1. Octa-Core 64Bit processor
    1. 2GB RAM
    2. 8GB flash memory
    3. Gigabit LAN Ethernet (1000Mbps)
    4. Integrated WiFi interface
    5. On / Off

Dreambox one 4k software

    1. Linux Enigma3
    1. Android 7.1

Dreambox one 4k Interfaces and connections

    1. DVB-S2X tuner
    1. DVB-C / T2 tuner
    2. SD card slot
    3. USB 3.0 port
    4. 2x USB 2.0 port
    5. HDMI 2.0 output
    6. Digital Audio Out
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Dream Service Port
    9. Optical S / PDIF
    10. power switch



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  1. What a pity this Dreambox is.
    Looks excellent, but misses the mark: This is an excellent box, but is clearly aimed at the German market, because of the omission of the CI slot. This means these countries cannot be viewed:

    NEDERLAND: Canal Digitaal
    BELGIUM: TV Vlaanderen, TELESAT,
    Luxembourg TELESAT,
    POLAND: Cyfrowy Polsat, NC+, Orange Polska , Telewizja
    SPAIN: Movistar Plus, Canal Plus
    SWITZERLAND: Kabelio
    ITALTY: TiviSat, Sky
    And all the others I forgot.

    Germany is mostly FTA, with Sky as an exception. An excellent Dreambox made by Germanns for Germans. As soon as money bites and TV services, like the UK, start encrypting to monterise their platforms ( UK case in point because they will remove the TV licence fee which is used to subsidise their Freesat service on 28.8) then the Dreambox One HD will be even less useful.
    What we need is a version with a CI slot or two, or a Dreambox Two HD with Android.
    Regarding Android: The One HD is running Android version 7 released in 2016!

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