VU+ UNO 4K SE Complete Review

Complete Analysis of  VU+ UNO 4K SE 

Complete Analysis of  VU+ UNO 4K SE


 This Tuner is developed by the well-known Korean company Marusys Co. Ltd. it is a modified version of Vu + one 4K (with display and HDD plug-in) and is intended for the organization of display of satellite channels both in traditional, standard (SD) and high (HD), and in the supermodern, ultra-high (UltraHD) resolution (up to 2160p). Thus, the processing of the DVB-S, DVB-S2, and DVB-S2X signal in MPEG2, MPEG4, H. 264 and H. 265 (HEVC) formats with HDR support (analog of the same photographic technology) is performed, which is used by the powerful dual-core processor Broadcom 7252S, built on and running at a frequency up to 1.7 GHz. The performance of the declared tasks is the high-speed volumetric module of DDR4 RAM on 2 GB, and also a decent warehouse of 4 GB constant memory – for system resources and installation of additional applications. Thanks to its VU + resources a 4K SE easily reproduces large (20 GB or more) high definition video files and instantly switches the channel

Ample Opportunities on Enigma 2

The receiver software runs on the open Enigma 2 operating system, which uses the Linux kernel version 3 and specially developed for portable devices of this type. The possibilities of this system allow revealing all the potentialities of the equipment, mortgaged by the manufacturer. Thus, the tuner menu has a clear and convenient interface with lots of appearance settings, editing, and a group of channels, electronic program guide, and parental control functions, reading a news feed and Teletext, delayed display and Recording, as well as weather forecasts and images in images. Support of almost all media file formats, Internet TV, installation of many applications, plugins, and additions, and this is not a complete list of the advantages of this model. It should be noted that the network functionality of the device is close to a full-fledged computer and allows image transfer with sound to a PC or smartphone, remote control, and configuration of settings files, firmware.
The receiver is made of a standard size black metal case with many cooling openings. The elegant front panel design contains a control button and a Mini TV LCD display (2.4 inches). On the back are all the interfaces provided: Dual Tuner-LNB IN, Ethernet (up to 1 GB) – for cable Internet, HDMI input and HDMI output for digital I / O image and sound, two USB (3.0) -for external USB units and 3G or WiFi adapters – for wireless Internet, IR IN (RS-232) – for external infrared sensor (when using a hidden installation), S / PDIF – for optical sound output, a slot for smart card and a non-conflict IC Connection to Pay TV operators, removable hard disk tray, DC in connector for external power and power button.

Advanced software in combination with quality electronic components, minimalist appearance, quiet operation, and energy efficiency make Vu + a 4K SE a good choice for all fans of the latest technologies Innovations and connoisseurs of reliability and convenience, backed by a branded manufacturer of a good name.

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Manufacturer:                     VU +
Developer:                         Marusys Co. Ltd. (Korea)
CPU:                                   Dual Core 1.7GHz
Tuner:                                1x Advanced Pluggable Tuner System for FBC                                                   Dual DVB-S2 / S2X or FBC: DVB-C, or Dual                                                     DVB-T2
Flash memory:                         4GB eMMC
Ram:                               2GB DDR4
Display:                               2.4 “LCD for MiniTV
RS232:                               1 (External IR Sensor)
HDMI In:                               1 (2.0)
HDMI Out:                              1 (2.0)
Ethernet:                           Gigabit
Dynamic range:                      HDR10 / HLG
USB:                                      2x USB 3.0
SPDIF:                             Optical
HDD Detachable:                   HDD (2.5 “)
Common interface:             1x Common Interface
Card reader:                     1x Smart Card
DiSEqC:                             1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS

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