Digital TV Antenna: 4 things to know before buying

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Do you want to watch TV for free? You can watch local channels for free by purchasing a digital TV antenna.

Here are four things to consider when you are thinking of purchasing an antenna.

1. Should you buy an antenna for digital TV?

TV antennas allow you to receive additional channels in your area. They are especially good if you want (or have already done) cutting the cord. These live broadcast channels can include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS affiliates, and independent stations.

2. Types of digital antennas

Once you decide that you need a digital TV antenna, you will need to figure out which antenna you need. There are three main types of antennas:

Indoor TV antenna

Indoor digital antenna connects to one TV to pick up via cellular programming.

This is the easiest antenna to install, but not for everyone. This type is usually best suited for urban areas where broadcast towers are close by.

If you want to improve the signal of one digital TV antenna, move it closer to a window or higher on a wall.

Antenna in the attic

An attic antenna is more of a unit, similar to an outdoor antenna, but it is installed in your attic on a mounted metal pole.

The installation process will involve connecting the antenna to your home media wiring, so follow the instructions and take proper precautions if you install the antenna yourself.

The main disadvantage is that roofing materials can prevent the antenna from picking up the channels clearly. Other factors, such as fluorescent lights and computers, can also adversely affect your TV’s ability to receive a clear image from an antenna.

Outdoor TV antenna

An outdoor antenna , also known as a whole house antenna, is best for people who live far from broadcast towers. Typically, an outdoor antenna gives rural homes the best picture and the most channels.

Outdoor antennas are the most difficult to install, as you have to climb onto the roof to secure the unit and ground the wiring. As with antennas in the attic, follow the instructions and take proper precautions when installing an outdoor antenna.

3. What is the best TV antenna for me?

The best way to find the best digital TV antenna for your home is to visit AntennaWeb . Here you can enter your address and/or zip code and view antenna recommendations from participating Consumer Technology Association (CTA) suppliers.

AntennaWeb offers options from several companies for every search, so be sure to compare these options to get the best deal for your wallet.

Another way to find out if an antenna is right for you is to ask your neighbors. This tactic may seem outdated, but the signals received by the antenna vary greatly depending on location. Perhaps your neighbors have already gone through trial and error to find the TV antenna they like.

4 How much do digital antennas cost?

How much an antenna cost depends on what type of antenna you need to receive the desired channels.

Typically, one TV antenna costs between $ 10 and $ 40, while antennas in the attic and outdoors are between $ 60 and $ 150.

You can find reputable retailers when you search on AntennaWeb , so be sure to check out these results and compare other options.

Final thought

A digital antenna is a one-time purchase that can make a significant difference to your entertainment budget. If you haven’t cut the cord yet , using a digital TV antenna can make the transition easier.

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