V-chip on TVs what is it?

V-chip TVs Explained

Why V-Chip TVs Explained
V-chip is a software module in modern TVs. Its purpose is to block certain programs by their rating. Designed to restrict children from watching television shows with scenes of violence or programs intended for an adult audience. 
It works in the USA, Brazil, Canada. If we consider the United States, the use of V-chip is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission

How does it work?

How V-chip works, the broadcasted television program has its own rating, in each country its own ratings of television programs adopted by the relevant regulatory authorities. During the telecast, content rating information is broadcast. If the V-chip is turned on, then based on the settings selected by the user, the TV determines whether it is possible to show this TV show. If the rating does not correspond to the set blocking threshold, then the TV programmatically blocks the display of content.
Yes, of course, in modern conditions, this technology is a bit outdated. It was invented back in 1994. When the main source of the video was TV. Now, of course, having a laptop or smartphone, you can find on the Internet to see any content. But for young children, technology is relevant.
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