Samsung TV IP address: How to spoof Step by Step

How to perform an IP address spoof on a Samsung TV

This TV is not fully functional in this region

Perform IP spoofing on your Samsung TV to get rid of this notification. Set up Samsung TV IP address and use Smart TV features (Youtube, Netflix, etc.)

For which TVs is this manual

This manual is applicable to all Samsung Smart TVs released between 2015 and 2019.

What you need?

To change the IP address on the TV, you will need

  1. Television
  2. Windows laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity

How to perform an IP address spoof on a Samsung TV

  1. Install the Hideme VPN client on your laptop (the free trial version will suffice)

  2. Launch Hideme VPN

  3. Check the country in which Samsung released your TV. This can be found by the serial number of the TV or by contacting Samsung Support.

  4. Go to the settings of the Hideme VPN program and select the server corresponding to the country for which your TV is released.

  5. Install the Connectify program on your laptop (the free trial version will suffice).

  6. Create an access point in the Connectify program called Connectify-wifi.

  7. Turn on the TV

  8. Go to the network settings of the TV and select the Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

  9. Find a point on the TV called Connectify-wifi and connect to it.

  10. Confirm your acceptance of the Smart-Hub terms when such a requirement appears on the TV screen.

  11. Turn off the TV with the Power (on / off) button on the remote control.

  12. Turn on the TV again.

  13. Open Smart Hub.

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