Rakuten TV: What streaming TV is and how it works

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV
Rakuten TV is a service that allows the viewing of entertainment content on domestic platforms (such as Smart TV or video game consoles) or mobile devices (such as smartphones, phablets, tablets, and similar) continue to multiply

Rakuten TV: what is it?

Rakuten tv is a streaming service that will allow you to enjoy an immense catalog of video content without forcing you to sign up for a monthly subscription: the user will only pay for the content he decides to watch.  A concept as trivial as fair.

How does it work?

Once registered on the platform, all you have to do is decide if you are interested in “renting” or “buying” a film. In the case of rental, you will have 48 hours from the date of purchase to be able to view the purchased content (even more than once). In the case of purchase, the film will be available forever on your account: it will be available whenever you want.
The Rakuten TV movie library is always very up-to-date. All titles in the catalog are in HDR and 4K.

How much does it cost?

As we have already said, unlike Netflix, Infinity, or NOW TV. It has no monthly subscription cost: you will only pay for the rental or virtual purchase of the content you are interested in. But what are the costs for a single rental and/or purchase?
The rental of individual films has a cost starting from 0.99 Euros up to a maximum of 4.99 Euros (usually the maximum amount is assigned to a film that has just been released in theaters for a few months). Speaking of the purchase, however, the figures rise slightly: it goes from a minimum of 11.99 Euros to a maximum of 13.99 Euros.
The figures may be lower both in the case of rental and in the case of purchase on the occasion of some special events, in which Rakuten TV offers certain categories of content. In any case, it is possible to pay with PayPal, and with Visa and Mastercard cards.

Thinks about football and self-productions

Sports fans of Oltrelpe will surely have read the name of Rakuten TV on the shirts of the Barcelona players: the Spanish team that sees among its ranks top players of the caliber of Lionel Messi, Gerard Piqué, and Luis Suarez. Well, the founders of Rakuten TV are thinking of expanding their content in the future also to the direct streaming of European football: this is what was stated in a recent interview with DDay. DAZN warned, half saved.
In the meantime, however, the platform “consoles” itself by producing a film (like Netflix) which will be released simultaneously in the cinema and on Rakuten TV.


Is Rakuten TV free?
It Free is a selection of premium content on the Rakuten TV app, available for you to enjoy free of charge thanks to carefully-selected advertising partners. … Rakuten TV Free is currently available to enjoy without an account on our Smart TV app.
How do I get Rakuten TV on my TV?
Using your remote control look for the button “Home” and press it. Straightaway select “Internet Content”. Look for the Rakuten TV icon and press it. If the Internet connection is correct, the Rakuten TV navigation menu will show up.
Is Rakuten TV any good?
It offers an excellent selection of film and TV shows, including all the very latest releases. It also offers some of them in up to 4K HDR, including Dolby Vision.
Can you subscribe to Rakuten TV?
It is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service, offering movies and TV series for subscription, rental, and purchase.
How much does it cost to join Rakuten?
No, it is completely free to become a publisher through Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network and there is no cost in joining any affiliate program.
What can I watch?
It is a streaming service that will allow you to enjoy an immense catalog of video content without forcing you to sign up for a monthly subscription. The Rakuten TV movie library is always very up-to-date. All titles in the catalog are in HDR and 4K.
Does Rakuten use PayPal?
You can use PayPal through your Rakuten.com Account or when checking out as a guest. PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy places some restrictions on what items can be purchased using their payment method.
How long do Rakuten rentals last?
48 hours
If you choose to rent a movie, it will be available in your library for 48 hours starting from the moment you confirm the rental. You are now free to watch the movie instantly as many times as you want within the 48-hour rental period.
Is there a Rakuten app?
The Rakuten app is available for both iPhone and Android phones. If you do a lot of in-store shopping, download the app so you can check offers on the go. … When you use the app, you can click on a retailer to see their available offers.
Can you download Rakuten films?
With our Offline feature, you can download a Movie or a Series episode and watch it offline on your device! On Android, download is available for devices with Android version 4.3 or higher
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