What are Disadvantages of 8K TVs

8K TVs disadvantages

What are Disadvantages of 8K TVs

Premium TVs with an 8K resolution screen went on sale en masse in 2018. If we consider the need to create a TV with such a screen, then there is no particular need so far. It’s just that the leading manufacturers decided to experiment and create a line of TVs with such screens. Start the production of 8K resolution screens and see how such TVs will be sold. As a result, televisions are sold, many users like these televisions, manufacturers are expanding the line of televisions, and they prefer not to talk about the shortcomings.

What is wrong with 8K TVs


No real 8K content, 8K mainly offers Youtube. And this is a video of nature. The film industry is not interested in this format, for two reasons it is not necessary for 8K cinemas, and secondly, if you take a close-up of the faces of the actors, you will see all the pimples and flaws on the faces, this is not aesthetically pleasing and the audience will not like it.


Mostly 8K TVs are used to play videos of other UHD or FHD formats, performing image scaling
It is not possible to transfer 8K video in the real format without compression to a TV, the same Youtube uses the VP9 codec, and any compression is a loss of quality. Many will say why not, the new HDMI 2.1 format is adopted. But over HDMI 2.1, you can transfer 8K at 30 frames per second without compression. To transmit 8K video with a higher frequency, the video stream must be compressed with codecs, HDMI does not have enough bandwidth.
LAN port with a speed of 100Mbps, its speed is enough only for compressed video. To transfer uncompressed 8K, you need a port with a speed of 10 Gbit per second, but it is still expensive. TVs do not yet connect optics to the Internet, they will probably be in a couple of years.
Most viewers do not see the difference between 4K and 8K when watching TV from a standard distance. The human eye simply cannot distinguish pixels. Only people with 100% vision distinguish 4K from 8K, and then they estimate the difference in image quality as insignificant.

Worth buying an 8K TV or not

The question is controversial, if you like, you can buy, but you will not get something beyond the natural. It’s just a TV with a screen that has small pixels. Yes, on such a TV it is convenient to play video games if your computer or game console supports this screen resolution. For watching videos, 8K TV offers no advantages over 4K TVs.


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