What is Natural Mode Support in Samsung TV? How it works

Natural Mode Support in Samsung TV

In 2021, Samsung, as a separate item in the technical specifications, indicates the presence of Natural Mode Support in Samsung TVs. And many are interested in what happens to the TV if you turn on this model. Note that this mode was previously in some TV models. (You may like Peak mode on Samsung TVs. What is this on Samsung TV)

What is Natural Mode Support in Samsung TV

Natural Mode Support is a Samsung TV operating mode. In which the brightness and contrast of the picture are automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the ambient light. To put it simply, the TV has a built-in ambient light sensor. When the ambient light intensity changes, the TV changes settings. Your smartphone works the same way if you turn on the brightness setting in auto mode. (You may Like What is ADS Display)

How Natural Mode Support works

Work Mode Natural Mode is as follows. If you turn on this mode, the ambient light level sensor starts working in the TV. It is installed on the side or bottom of the TV. The location of the sensor is chosen so that the TV screen illuminates the sensor as little as possible.

If you are watching TV in bright daylight. It is advisable to increase the brightness and contrast of the picture for comfortable viewing. Conversely, if you watch TV in the dark, with high image brightness and contrast. You may experience discomfort while watching TV. When watching TV in the dark, we recommend lowering the brightness and contrast.

Note that this mode is quite individual. I can recommend setting this mode and see if you are satisfied with the image quality under different lighting levels in the room.

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